A New Mission for Our Retirement

by  on February 2, 2016 in Dad StoriesMentoring
PART THREE: Retirement – Now What!
A series for Boomers and Beyond

As we have looked at Samuel’s life of service, there are many characteristics that he exhibited that many of us also exhibit. We have lived our lives searching and seeking the Lord, growing in His knowledge, and studying His word. There is no reason for us to shirk the possibilities of the future. To aid us in our journey, we can have support from our local church body.

Should we have expectations from our church? Yes, just ask for and receive these:

  1. Anointing for service – Lay hands on and anoint each boomer for what the Lord would like to do through each of us in this season of our life.
  2. Specifically ask the Lord to send His Holy Spirit and quicken us.
  3. Pray and ask for signs that the Lord is with us.
  4. Be willing to design our own teaching material for those we are ministering to.
  5. Form small groups that want to focus on the same area of serving in the local church or community.
  6. Develop and demonstrate faithfulness.
  7. Pray that He would teach us the good and the right way.