Why do we need to be humble? Because it’s your spiritual foundation

AskingForgiveness_16346832Humility is not highly prized among men. But for a courageous Dad it is a great quality to foster. An arrogant little two-year-old can prompt a Dad to rethink his own attitude toward accepting responsibility and consequences. The sins of a child often reflect the sins of his Dad. Some Dads realize this quickly.

Words spoken without care, using God’s name irreverently, and words demeaning others are often accepted as “man talk” and are picked up quickly by little ears. It should shake up a Dad and motivate him to change when he hears his child repeat profanities he uses.

Humility costs you your pride. Life’s heavy weights can beat a Dad down. His broad shoulders can bear a lot of weight, but when pride stiffens his back he will refuse to put his load down.

Even though humility is a courageous man’s spiritual foundation, it is not usually seen as a manly character quality. You need humility when you approach your all-loving heavenly Father and when you forgive a wayward son or daughter.

A heart clothed with humility is approachable, slow to anger and abounding in kindness. Be that kind of a Dad.