The Heartbeat of Wisdom4Dads

At Wisdom4Dads it’s our conviction we must learn to live with the perspective of seeking God’s wisdom for our everyday lives here. Because we believe there will be no second chance for one to go back and live his life over again–the time for serving Christ is Now. Now is our opportunity to invest our lives in bringing others toward leading their families in love and wisdom.

Any defect (flaw) will be greatly magnified by the amount of weight (stress) you put on it.—D.J.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.—Jim Elliot

Wisdom4Dads is a Christ-centered organization with two goals:

  • To teach the principles of God’s Word, emphasizing wisdom obtained from Scriptures for those who are needing encouragement, insight and education for their role as a father into the lives he especially influences;
  • To inspire those in Christ’s name, calling attention to the needs of:
    • Christians fathers who are suffering in hostile spiritual environments;
    • Fathers who are not yet reconciled with family members or extended family.
    • Untrained young men, a generation growing up in a society without moral absolutes and healthy family values who need to hear God’s truths spoken in love, and who as a parent need to be equipped to be their children’s providers, educators and role models.

Our teaching goal of promoting a wise fatherhood and servant leadership is accomplished primarily through DJ’s books, articles, media interviews, social comments, video updates, and the Wisdom4Dads website, as well as a limited number of speaking engagements. All of the above has been given to us through the abundant life-giving Grace of our Lord as we have sought him over our years of walking in faith before him. The Lord has graciously provided for all our needs according to his riches and we are grateful. (Philippians 4:19)

Our most fulfilling and exciting outreach includes the Mentoring of men in crisis who willingly share their lives with DJ, usually over the phone, when transforming their lifestyle into showing their life in Christ.

In addition to financial gifts, Wisdom4Dads has had the privilege of donating hundreds of DJ’s books to various Christian organizations for equipping fathers and grandfathers in their life purposes and for encouraging young dads in their everyday walk in righteousness and in establishing practical steps toward enriching family relationships and growth.

Our ministry seeks to identify, produce, and call attention to highly impactful treasures in God’s Word as a guide for establishing solid relationships between fathers and their children, whether ‘under their roof’ or as adult children establishing each his or her own way. Our books are handy in size, usually less than 80 pages, which readily ministers to the practical creativity required by an engaging, involved father. Each book has a Biblical origin in research and topic selection but astutely answers universal questions fathers secretly ask themselves.

Wisdom4Dads (W4D) complements, strengthens and facilitates Bible-believing Christ-centered local churches.  W4D avoids competition, purposefully fostering responsive communication, and a consciousness of the primary eminence of the Word of God. Our philosophy is that much more is accomplished when love and wisdom matters most. W4D seeks to foster unity and cooperation in the body of Christ with the foremost leaders developing in each home, rather than from the pulpit.

W4D is a Christ-centered ministry that offers no cost and minimal cost ministry and materials. Pastors and churches are invited to avail themselves of Wisdom4Dads teachings and books. God has been very gracious to provide for this ministry financially but we value prayers for our ministry above all.

The convictions and priorities of Wisdom4Dads are reflected in our print material and in our heart of sharing wisdom gleaned from the Word of God and years of family life. The common element in all of Wisdom4Dads’ writing and teaching ministry is the emphasis on seeing life through the eyes of a man who has met with his Lord each morning, and thereby is learning to live wisely within the family role to whom each has been called.