Published Titles by D.J. Young

Fatherhood: Experiencing The Wonders
Recognizing wonder-filled natural and spiritual events in a father’s life.

The Praying Dad–When You Pray, What’s In It For You?
Exploring the benefits of prayer in a father’s life.

Adult Children and Their Dads–The Eight Needs of Dads
Presenting to Adult Children the needs of their Dad.

You’re Still Their Dad–Fathering Your Adult Children
A Dad’s wisdom to help meet the needs of his Adult Children.

The Tests Of Youth–Guiding Children To Maturity
Tests every child must grow through to reach maturity—eight tests, three phases.

The Three Phases Of Fatherhood–Dad, Father, Grandfather
Different Dad-phases while raising his children.

Seven Pillars of A Father’s House, The Training and Discipline of Children
A Blueprint for fathering your child.

Twelve Training Gifts–How Fathers Train Children
Explaining gifts each father needs in training his child.

A Wife’s Guide To Inspiring A Great Dad
A wife’s contribution to her husband becoming a great Dad.

A Father’s Healing Touch: Restoring Your Family After a Tragedy
Healing the heart of your family after a personal crisis.

Courageous Dads–Building a Strong Home Life
Elements of courage in a Dad’s life.

God’s Story In Your Life–Your Testimony
Sharing with others your walk with God.

A Father’s Ministry: To Minister and to Give his Life
A Dad’s primary role.

A Prodigal’s Return–Eight Phases of the Prodigal Season
A Dad’s wisdom during a child’s prodigal season.

What Makes Fathers Unique; The Mystery of Clothing
Doing for your children something no one else can do.

Three Fathers: God—You—Grandfather : A Dad’s Devotional
An opportunity to reflect on your life-long role as a father.

Eight Common Failures of Father—And How to Avoid Them
Mistakes Dads don’t need to make and how to correct them if they do.

Hope: A Father’s Key—Pursuing High Hopes for his Children
Understanding the place of hope in raising your children.