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Significance as a Father

Finding Significance as a Father – Understand Your Generational Value Finding your significance as a father suggests that your role in the life of your children is important and meaningful. Numerous studies prove that a Dad’s presence in the home positively affects his children’s social adjustment, school grades, morality, and choice of friends. On the […]

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A New Mission for Our Retirement

PART THREE: Retirement – Now What! A series for Boomers and Beyond As we have looked at Samuel’s life of service, there are many characteristics that he exhibited that many of us also exhibit. We have lived our lives searching and seeking the Lord, growing in His knowledge, and studying His word. There is no reason […]

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Advancement versus Retirement

PART TWO: Retirement – Now What! A series for Boomers and Beyond In the first article under this title, “Retirement – Now What!” the dream of retirement was considered. Four questions were listed for further contemplation. What are you going to do with all those 41,600 hours (40 hours per 52 weeks = 2080 hours X […]

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Retirement (The Dream) — Now What!

What Does Retirement Mean To You? Part One of A series for Boomers and Beyond The word retirement is defined in Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “withdrawal from one’s position or occupation or from active working life”. The Thesaurus tells us retirement is “an act of moving away especially from something difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable”. The Synonyms for […]

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Mentoring Dads is when you care for their soul.

Victory  in the Christian’s life comes from the inside out T he bottom line in any mentoring dads relationship is that the one being helped ultimately maintains their salvation and grows in the fullness of the stature of the measure of Christ. Victory in the Christian’s life comes from the inside out, therefore mentoring deals […]

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Fatherhood Wonders — Natural and Spiritual

Fatherhood Wonders—It isn’t that I didn’t want to know how to be a good dad; it was that I lacked experience. Being a parent was out of my educational background, my military training and my spiritual training. Although I married my wife because I loved her and wanted to ‘raise a family’ with her, I […]

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Divine Blessing or Divine Tragedy?

Devotional to bring divine blessings into your life. It is hard to imagine that God could look at man he had just created, see a need in him and then create for him a wife that this man couldn’t get along with. That sounds like a divine tragedy rather than a divine blessing. I believe […]

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Courageous Dads Need Humility

Why do we need to be humble? Because it’s your spiritual foundation Humility is not highly prized among men. But for a courageous Dad it is a great quality to foster. An arrogant little two-year-old can prompt a Dad to rethink his own attitude toward accepting responsibility and consequences. The sins of a child often […]

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Courageous Dads Need to Pray!

AN EXCERPT FROM COURAGEOUS DADS. Chapter 6. A Dad’s Heart Why do we pray? Because God answers prayer. In prayer we open our hearts to God, tell him our needs, and wait for his answer. No one has ever seen God, but the believer who has been given spiritual life and insight knows that God […]

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All Families Seem Dysfunctional

Many times I have chewed on a passage in the Bible, in the seventeenth chapter of Acts, that seems to say that God has specifically put us in his family of choice for us at his specific time for us here on earth. God says he does so for our benefit, that we may become […]

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